This is a section from a series of draft JavaScript fundamentals I started; (largely for my own revision!) to cover some aspects of JavaScript which make it unique; and perhaps contribute to its reputation as being seemingly not a ‘serious’ language if coming from a different language where the rules are different.

Let us consider that JavaScript is not a typed language. This means JavaScript is, let’s say, unique in how it interprets variables and evaluates conditions compared to many other languages, such as in JavaScripts’ implementation of type coercion.

The expressive, flexible nature of JavaScript without the need to…

As developers we are often compelled either by a self-initiated, driving curiosity, or from the persistent, corporate anxiety to innovate rather than consolidate —in a bid to service or even manufacture ever-more nuanced needs in our clients.

Perhaps one reason for the frankly bewildering proliferation of tools we use on the front-end - all purporting to make our life easier and more efficient in some ever-granular aspect — and never right now. They are forever promising a utopia of productivity and maximal efficiency just over the horizon, making us neurotic productivity automatons, sinking hours into learning, configuring, teaching, troubleshooting and refining them. We love our microcosm of control in front-end— indeed I've often suspected this semblance as being what makes our work so addictive.

Good tools are the sign of a maturing industry, but these marginal gains…

Martin Di Martino-Marriot

Front-end and Js Developer. Runner, MTB, always a learner.

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